live indoor plants that

compliment your dÉcor

Sit down with our Plantscape Designer to evaluate plant and container frameworks. Your business's lighting, décor, temperature, HVAC vents, and traffic density areas are considered when creating your design plan.


Can’t figure out why you keep drifting away from your daily tasks?

Live plants help to reduce stress, fatigue and moodiness; increasing employee productivity by 12%.

Let nature provide by spending less time worrying and more time focusing on your work!


Do you want a clean and healthy environment?

Our hand selected indoor live plants naturally purify the air from pollutants. Well maintained plants help to eliminate up to 60% of airborne molds and bacteria.

Sit back and relax, and let our plants do the heavy lifting!

business plazas

Tired of the same everyday routine?

Our plant designer will help you create a welcoming presence at your place of business for tenants and clients to enjoy.

Proper maintenance of your live, lush, green plants will keep them bright and thriving for years!

entertainment venues

Need a little more pop in your performance?

Our plants come from a unique nursery with horticulturalists that travel across the country to provide a vast array of new plant varieties for their customers.

Stay up to date with all the latest interior trends!


Looking to impress your customers with the perfect ambience?

Compliment the inside of your establishment with hand selected plants. We place them in decorative containers according to your design plan.

Let us illuminate the natural lighting and temperature of your establishment!

senior living

Can you imagine creating a healthy interior by bringing nature within?

Indoor pollution lowers the immune system by combatting symptoms that mimic allergies such as irritated eyes, nose or throat.

Coexist with our plants that filter the air and improve circulation!